Monday, January 28, 2008

The Economy

Within the last week or so there has been talk about the US government handing out money to boost the economy. This money would go to the middle to lower class. ... I have a question... Where will the money come from? Oh yeah from our over surplus of cash-on-hand that uncle Sam has squirreled away for such a time as this!

Actually I think it will come from social security. If that is the case then in essence we are giving ourselves a loan. A loan that will have to be re-payed in future, higher taxes. Another alternative is borrowing the money from China, in turn we savvy Americans would run right out and purchase loads of merchandise thereby boosting the economy... whose economy? ... oh yeah China's... because everything we buy is made in China!

But no worries about economic down turn and the like because we as Americans ,with our sense self entitlement, have already started purchasing goods based on the promise of future money. "Well go in debt now and pay it off when we get our check from Uncle Sammy!" This is exactly what the Fed is banking on!

Since the promise of this money has been spoken of, the stock market has been on the rise! The bill has not even been passed in the senate yet! I think there is a possibility that this will be tossed back and forth between between the house and senate and not pass. Which is great for Uncle Sammy , then hes not out any money, and the economy has been stabilized do to our ability to spend money before we get it!


carrie said...

Nooo....the government will just PRINT more money to give us...silly.

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