Monday, March 5, 2007

Guitar Center (part two)

So after I travel home I uncase my precious. Little side note... Guitar Center did not have the brand specific case for the guitar, I had to settle for an off brand. I remember asking for the case that goes with this specific guitar with a certain color interior plush, but that seemed of no interest to the staff. I think what happened was Michale lowerd the price of the guitar to far for him to include the more expesive case in the deal. Not only did I not get the case I wanted,.... no extras, no new strings, none of the frills I was promised the week earlier. I did not even get the registration card for the guitar! Nothin'!

Listen up sales pukes. If you think the client is wavering on a purchase, do not, I repeat, do not promise anything you are not willing to deliver on. Most people would rather pay the extra few dollars for the extras or at least given the option to say yay or nay depending on price. So be sure to figure that into your price quote! Nothing says "liar" more than the bate and switch routine. Music stores are notorious for this!

So, not only did I get nothing extra with the guitar, it was an inferior insrument. There was some quality issues with the finish on the neck and the gold hardware was rubbed off on the bridge from being played... alot! I ran the serial number and found it was a 2 year old guitar.
I payed for a new guitar and got an old used up floor model. I was a bit upset. I called the store to talk to the store manager... this is what ensued.

"Hello thank you for calling Guitar Center blah blah blah"

"Yes I would like to speak with the store manager"

"Well this is so and so how can I help you?"

"Are you the store manger?"

"No, but I can help you."

"No, I need to speak with the store manager."

"Well he is not in now...."

"I will call back later thank you."

After a few calls over the course of a few days I get this.

"Thanx for calling Guitar Center blah blah blah..."

"Yes can I speak with the store manager please."

" Let me transfer you to Nick"

Long puase while I am on hold waiting forNick who is not the store manger by the way.

"Yeah are you waiting for Nick..."

"I am waitng for the store manager."

"Well this is (rude know it all) in drums and my manager can help you out."

"Is he the store manger?"

"No but he can help out."

"Thanx but I need to speak to the store manager about this issue."

"Well I can transfer you to Nick"

Now I am very upset, not because he is unwilling to help, but because he is not listening! I have dealt with this guy before and he is more interested in being right than listening to what you need... trying to upsell at every chance. Needless to say I havn't given any money to his department. I have chosen to shop elseware for drums and acessories.

"No you can not tranfer me to Nick because he is not the store manager! I just got done telling you I need to speak to the store manger! You are not listening to me!"

"I will call back later!"

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carrie said...

So did you call back? I hate that crap.....